an environment of extraordinary beauty


Thanks largely to the so-called ‘MONA effect’, Tasmania has become THE destination for visitors both from the mainland and also internationally. If you need some suggestions of where to eat and drink, look no further than the lovely people who support Stargazer (on the ‘stockists’ page), or send me an e-mail if you need more tips. Otherwise, here is a very personal list of other places which are on my ‘must dos’.

Farmgate Market Salamanca is the more well known option, but the locals hang out here on Sunday mornings. Make sure you grab a coffee and bagel from Bury Me Standing.
Shake a Leg Jr. Yes, there are plenty of places to grab a good coffee in Hobart, but this spot in up and coming Moonah is on my way out to the vineyard AND their in-house roasted coffee is excellent.
Jackman and McRoss Bakery par excellence. If you are in Tassie over Easter, their hot cross buns have hazelnuts and proper peel in them. The rest of the time, you can’t go past their gourmet pies.
Bruny Island For the cheese…and the oysters. Oh, and the crazy whisky place as you get off the ferry.
Three Capes Walk Haven’t done this yet, but I’m writing it down, so that means it will happen right?
Dark MOFO Deliberating about when to come? Do it in the middle of winter so you have an excuse to pull out your woollen jumpers and beanies and enjoy the craziness which is this MONA curated festival of all things music, art, paganism and fire.
kuyanyi/Mt Wellington Sometimes you need to change your perspective on the world and this is the perfect place to do it. I highly recommend getting someone else to drive if you are at all challenged by heights though!
Pumphouse Point I don’t do camping (I know, I know) so this luxurious lodge on the shores of the beautiful Lake St Clair is the perfect treat post vintage when all I want to do is curl up with a book in front of a roaring fire.