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news: another vintage in the rear vision mirror!

It is always a relief to reach this stage of vintage – all of the fruit is off and now it is just a question of monitoring ferments and making sure that reds are going through malolactic fermentation. After a hectic last few months, it’s good to slow down and actually be able to taste through the wines and appraise them as they start to more closely reflect their final form.

Normally I take the approach when deciding when to pick that I am waiting for the acidity to not be the first and last thing I taste – however this year if I was waiting for that the grapes would still be out there! Instead flavours started to come in earlier than the acids started to fall so we got stuck in. It is fair to say that the wines have *plenty* of racy acidity and liveliness.

This year for the first time we had enough fruit from the Pinot Noir blocks planted in 2017 to ferment the clones separately; I’m thrilled with how they are looking at this point. There is some real depth to the wines and the aromatics are firmly in the dark cherry spectrum. And the old vine Pinot Noir block (planted in 2002) is next level; is it too early to say best ever?

If you’ve come here to order wine you’ll have noticed I’ve either sold out of many of the wines or am running really low. The new vintage of all of the wines will be available late August so stay tuned for updates and availability. As always the best way to ensure you don’t miss out on any of your favourites is by joining my wine club.

Samantha Connew