always look up at the stars
and not down at your feet
A tribute to Abel Tasman
from one island in the South Pacific to another
working with pristine fruit to craft the wines
an environment of extraordinary beauty
gazing towards the heavens
all I have ever wanted to do
the best treasures can be above us


news: vintage 2019

As the old farming adage goes ‘no two seasons are ever alike’ and the 2018/2019 growing season in Tasmania has definitely underscored that sentiment! Having said that, the season in some ways has been similar to the previous year with a very dry winter; something we have shared with the mainland for the last couple of years. Some overcast and wet weather over November and December during flowering has us slightly worried about fruit set and a record temperatures in January saw us concerned for soil moisture; not good for my anxiety levels! A cool February returned everything to equilibrium though and everything ticked along prior harvest which started mid-March.

Although we have a long way to go yet, the ferments look amazingly promising – lots of crunchy natural acidity belying the warm summer months and a huge whack of varietal flavour. Could this really be three years in a row of cracking vintages in Tasmania?

Samantha Connew