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news: new releases coming soon!

As I write this in the depths of a bitterly cold Tasmanian winter, it is hard to summon up the enthusiasm to be either out in the vineyard (it was -3 degrees out there the other day!) or in the winery working on the 2024 Riesling and Tupelo. Sitting in front of the fire with a good book sounds far more appealing…

And yet those wines aren’t going to get in bottle by themselves; the good news is that after a generous 2024 vintage there will be a bit more wine to go around. I highly recommend joining the mailing list to get a heads up about availability but at this stage I’m planning on sending out an e-mail at the beginning of September as I have done in the past.

In addition to the Riesling and the Tupelo, I’ll also be releasing the 2023 Pinot Noir and Palisander Riesling at the beginning of September, so one of my other tasks is to get the tasting notes organised of these wines – always slightly nerve wracking as I haven’t looked at them since they were bottled in February. The good news is that I’m thrilled with both of them; the Pinot Noir reminds me of the 2019 in its savouriness on the nose, whilst the Palisander Riesling is looking a bit more juicy and generous than it has been on release in the past – happy days!

And finally, a quick update on the Stargazer wine club. As a result of the amount of work involved in running such a personalised wine club (and we haven’t been able to find an economical technological fix for this yet but will keep looking), we’ve decided to cap the number of members of this group to only 100, which we have already reached.

There will be an alternative club offering via the website but it will be unlikely to include the wines which are scarcer in supply (i.e. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and the Palisander Riesling) and you won’t be able to choose your selection. As the wine club is now fully subscribed, if people wish to join the ‘original 100’ (I will come up with a witty name for it when I find some brain cells!), then I’ll be happy to place you on a waitlist for when someone drops out; just send me an e-mail!


Samantha Connew