always look up at the stars
and not down at your feet
A tribute to Abel Tasman
from one island in the South Pacific to another
working with pristine fruit to craft the wines
an environment of extraordinary beauty
gazing towards the heavens
all I have ever wanted to do
the best treasures can be above us


news: vintage 2020

Well, the beginning of this year has got off to a challenging start for many and especially for friends and colleagues throughout NSW, Victoria and South Australia; I hope everyone gets the support they need to get back on track for the rest of 2020.

So far, fingers crossed, we are all travelling well here in Tasmania. It’s been a dry and windy season and it looks like yields will be down on what they have been the last couple of years due to ordinary weather over flowering. My right hand man, Bryn, has been doing a great job in the vineyard keeping everything ticking along but I think we are both looking forward to this growing season being over and getting the fruit off the vine and into the winery!

The nets are on the vines to keep the pesky birds away and veraison has just started in the Pinot Noir so I think we are a little behind last year, timing wise, so looking like kicking off vintage in mid to late March.

Samantha Connew