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news: another year draws to a close

The vineyard has been absolutely cranking over the last month. After a cooler than normal October, some warm days in November have really pushed things along. Bryn and I (OK, mainly Bryn) have been frantic bud rubbing, shoot thinning and wirelifting in an attempt to keep up with the growth.

Our new native shelterbelt that we planted in September is also going great guns and some are even poking their heads out of the top of the guards. The transplanted olive grove is looking healthy and we hope that we’ll be able to get a more even crop moving forward and a more consistent supply of olive oil.

The latest distraction at the vineyard has been the arrival of a swarm of bees! Bryn spotted them from the tractor a week ago so while he scooted them into a cardboard box, I whizzed into Hobart to get a hive – and the good news is that they seem to be liking their new home and are sticking around. Hopefully that means we’ll have some Stargazer honey in the not too distant future!

Samantha Connew