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news: get ’em before they are gone!

I’m so excited to be bringing you the new releases – the 2022 Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Palisander Riesling are now available as are the 2023 Riesling and the 2023 Tupelo.

The 2023 vintage was a ‘challenging’ one for us, but I’m absolutely thrilled with the wines so far – not to single a wine out, but I reckon the 2023 Riesling is one of my best yet. I’ve been doing a bit of wine show judging the last few weeks, most recently in the Yarra Valley where I was really impressed with the 2022 Pinot Noirs. Of course, I don’t think they can hold a candle to the 2022 Tassie wines – don’t tell them I said that – but maybe you can be the judge!

For those wondering the 2023 Rada will be released early November so stay tuned for that.

And finally, a quick update on the Stargazer wine club. As a result of the amount of work involved in running such a personalised wine club (and we haven’t been able to find an economical technological fix for this yet but will keep looking), we’ve decided to cap the number of members of this group to only 100, which we have already reached.

There will be an alternative club offering via the website but it will be unlikely to include the wines which are scarcer in supply (i.e. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and the Palisander Riesling) and you won’t be able to choose your selection. As the wine club is now fully subscribed, if people wish to join the ‘original 100’ (I will come up with a witty name for it when I find some brain cells!), then I’ll be happy to place you on a waitlist for when someone drops out; just send me an e-mail!


Samantha Connew